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Benefits of Wool Clothing For Kids

Wool is a natural fibre and has many beneficial properties, particularly when used in children’s clothing.

Wool is warm & comfortable

You can be assured your baby or child will be kept warm and comfortable wearing wool clothing. Wool is an insulator and holds the body's heat. It allows their skin to breathe naturally and discourages sweating, particularly for babies who haven’t learned to regulate heat very well and are prone to over- heating in synthetic fibres. Wool is perfect to wear in all seasons.

 Wool naturally absorbs moisture

Wool has a unique ability to absorb up to three times its own weight in moisture, drawing the moisture away from the skin without feeling damp. And we all know how many times a child will walk right through a puddle instead of avoiding one! 

Wool is naturally flame resistant

Wool has a great safety aspect for children. Being naturally flame resistant, it won't burn and is extremely safe to wear. 

Wool is tough, easy-care & fully machine washable

Wool's warmth actually increases with washing. Treat your garments with care. Wash on a delicate cycle using an approved wool wash detergent, preferably one that contains no enzymes. Before you wash a garment always check the care label first.

Wool is naturally stain resistant

Wool actually repels dirt. Perfect for messy children! The natural properties of wool makes it resistant to stains so an item of clothing doesn't need to be washed as much.

  Wool is resistant to static

This is another natural property of wool. Wool clothing will never contain static electricity. 

Wool is tough and will last & last

Wool clothing is naturally long lasting and perfect to keep and hand down to all your children - saving your money in the long run too!