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Womenwoolen clothes will never go out of style, you will always feel warm and comfortable in it, as such products have certain quality characteristics. If woolen clothes remind you of some unpleasant memories from childhood when you had to wear prickly sweater, today you can completely change your opinion about such clothes. Wool gets treated...

Womenwoolen clothes will never go out of style, you will always feel warm and comfortable in it, as such products have certain quality characteristics. If woolen clothes remind you of some unpleasant memories from childhood when you had to wear prickly sweater, today you can completely change your opinion about such clothes. Wool gets treated in modern ways, it becomes soft, pleasant for skin, so woolen clothes will definitely become your favorite in cold weather.

Many people think that clothes from such material can’t be attractive, but that’s false. Today, women’s clothes from thin wool can easily take any shapes, be slim-cut and form-fitting – you can make bright elegant looks with it. 

Advantages of woolen clothes.

Warm and cozy sweaters, hats, leg warmers should definitely be in your wardrobe at winter, so that you could always feel comfortable. Woolen clothes have these amazing features:

  •        Autumn and winter woolen clothes is water-absorbing, it can absorb moisture, staying dry to the touch – it provides comfort in cold weather.
  •        Practicality – woolen clothes don’t absorb dirt or dust, and preserve cleanliness and freshness for a long time.
  •        Clothes from the named material will serve you for more than one season, as they can endure a lot of washing cycles, don’t lose color or shape with time.
  •        Great protection from cold – products from natural wool are very warm, so even in the severest colds you won’t be freezing.



Beautiful and stylish plus size women’s clothes is a rarity, so we are glad to offer you our unique service: custom made woolen clothes that we can produce by individual samples. Also you can choose any pattern and model of your future clothes or accessories. You can watch the catalogue or make an order on and we will try to bring all your ideas to life.

  • Sweaters and jackets

    Knitted woolen sweater

    Knitted woolen sweater with patterns or of a solid color is a favorite piece of clothes for cold weather, as it provides warmth, comfort and softness. But it’s important to choose a model that will be comfortable for you to wear, so it should be picked out carefully.

    The advantages of woolen fabrics.

    Woolen sweaters are produced in huge amounts, so their range of choice is really vast: you can pick out models that will accentuate your individuality and highlight positive features of your body. You can buy women’s sweater of different cuts and sizes with unusual knitted patterns and interesting colorations.

    Woolen cardigans are versatile, they can easily work with very different pieces of clothes: even formal slashed pencil skirt will look nice with soft woolen jacket. Woolen fabrics are very warm, so they can be counted upon even in severe cold. These clothes are ideal both for city life and ski resorts, and when mixing them with the correct pieces you can create an original and elegant look.

    What to mix sweaters with?

    • Baggy cardigans are better to wear with skinny jeans or mini-skirt – it will highlight graceful figure. Also plus size woolen jacket is mixed well with bell-bottomed dress trousers.
    • Zip-through sweater can be incorporated into a formal look, but it should be of a solid color. Formal skirts can be mixed with women’s slip-over jumper: this look can be dashed with belt.
    • Jeans of any model are a universal addition to sweaters, but you have to correctly mix these pieces of clothes. Wearing baggy jeans, choose slim fit jackets or jacket with clasps and other buttons. Stylish deer sweater can also become a zest of your everyday look with jeans.


    Our internet shop presents Estonian sweaters with original patterns from soft and comfortable wool. You can order plus size women’s jumper, custom-made in your personal size, in the internet shop . Buying custom-made women’s cardigan means taking direct participation in its creation, and we will be happy to help you in that.

  • Hats

    It’s always hard to choose women’s headwear, as you have to pick out not only the correct cut and color, but also the right materials that will warm well and serve long. Women’s woolen hat has been relevant for a few seasons already and women of all ages choose these pieces.


    •        Winter woolen hat doesn't electrize, which means your hairdo will preserve in a fine way. There’s no need to worry that after taking the hat off your hair will become uncontrollable.
    •        In winter, hair is exposed to the impact of cold air, which negatively affects its health, and woolen knitted hat provides good protection from frost, wind and snow.
    •        Wool is water-absorbing material, which means your hair will stay clean and neat for a long time.
    •        Wool has low thermal conductivity – even in severe cold you will feel comfortable and warm.



    You can make different types of woolen hats, from classical to original ones: hat with ears is considered to be popular among young people, while deer hat can suit both young girls and adult women. Thickened hat is a great solution for those who don’t like feeling wool on the skin. Some people feel discomfort, that you can get rid of with a soft backing, which makes the hat even warmer. Bobble hat will make your look more mischievous, such models are pimped up with original patterns with stars, deer, etc. You can buy hat, scarf and other woolen products on the site

  • Scarves and shawls

    Woolen scarf should not only look nice, but also have certain quality characteristics, as well as be cozy and warm. Only in that case the product will do justice to your status and tell people around you about your flawless taste. Merino wool scarf meets all these criteria: thin, but very strong fibers allow to make the best woolen products that feel nice on the skin and preserve great appearance for a long time. 

    The advantages of such products are:

    •        No deformation in the process of wearing.
    •        Great thermal-insulation features.
    •        Good breathability.
    •        Water absorption.
    •        Dirt-repelling features.


    Thin winter woolen scarf will match both formal suit and sports clothes, as such products are made with different patterns in different colors. Elegant woolen shawl will perfectly complement your office look or will make you warm on the ski resort.

    Peculiarities of our products.

    Knitted woolen scarf is not only a warm and cozy accessory with a nice pattern, but also a real remedy, as it can ease the pain and eliminate discomfort caused by arthritis and radiculitis. Expensive stylish scarf of natural wool as a gift is a good idea for any celebration, your nearest and dearest will definitely appraise such gift. Unusual deer scarf, that you can buy in the internet shop will become a real zest in your wardrobe.

  • Socks, knee socks, leg...

    Woolen leg warmers can be easily named one of the most original pieces in women’s wardrobe. They give a zest to your look, turning boring everyday look into an original one. Also, woolen leg warmers are very warm, which makes them irreplaceable in cold weather. Such products from natural wool never go out of style and suit absolutely everyone.


    Women’s woolen socks and leg warmers are perfect for cold and frosty weather, as natural materials have certain quality characteristics. The advantages of such clothes are:

    •        Intense heat-saving properties – if you like to wear skirts in the winter, but want to feel comfort.
    •        Durability – woolen products can be washed multiple times, don’t lose their color and preserve their initial look for a long time.
    •        Attractive look – deer leg warmers and socks, as well as other patterns, have been relevant for a few seasons already.
    •        Versatility – wool perfectly combines with any other materials, so you can wear socks or leg warmers with patterns with any different pieces from your wardrobe.



    Everyone knows how to wear knitted socks, but not everyone understands how to mix women’s knitted leg warmers with other clothes. Such accessories can be combined with short skirts if you wear them on the tights. Above-the-knee models perfectly mix with shorts, especially if they are of the same color. Apart from that, leg warmers can be combined with skinny jeans and leggings. You can buy women’s woolen leg warmers in the interned shop with quick and comfortable delivery. We are also glad to offer you custom-made clothes and accessories from wool in your individual sizes.

  • Gloves and mittens

    You can’t imagine winter without gloves, especially women’s, as soft hands skin has to be protected from cold. Woolen mittens are always relevant, and they have a lot of advantages in comparison with fashionable leather gloves. Maybe leather products look more elegant and classy, but stylish knitted woolen mittens provide comfort and uncompromised warmth.

    Peculiarities of woolen products.

    Beautiful ladies who don’t like feeling wool on the skin wil llove women’s thickened mittens. Moreover, such products are warmer. Woolen clothes are pretty popular, as they have some important quality features, that is:

    •        Durability – woolen accessories can be worn for a long time, don’t lose their form and color after wash and are pretty durable.
    •        Great heat-protective properties – you’ll be warm and comfortable in woolen clothes even in the most severe colds.
    •        Water absorbing features – this material can absorb up to 20% of moisture, staying dry to the touch it continues to warm your hands.
    •        Hypoallergenic – natural materials don’t provoke allergic reactions, so they can be used by absolutely anyone.


    How to choose gloves?

    Both kids and adults canwear deer mittens, this accessory can become a real jam in your wardrobe. Even if you prefer formal style in clothes, bright and stylish gloves with pattern will perfectly complete it. Mittens as a gift is a great idea for any family celebration, and such present will always remind about you. You can buy mittens in the shop Apart from that, you can order other woolen clothes in our shop by individual sizes, and we will gladly make your order.

  • Ponchos

    You want to make an unusual everyday winter look, but ordinary coats and jackets don’t allow to do it? Then you should pay attention to woolen poncho – warm and original clothes that will help you stand out of a crowd. Moreover, such warm cape will allow you to hide imperfections of your body.


    For the clothes to be not only comfortable, but also warm, choose woolen products, as they have certain quality characteristics.

    •        Durability. Woolen women’s poncho will serve you very long, as it won’t bulge or lose color after wash. It’s an undeniable advantage of such material, as this model of clothes never goes out of style.
    •        Versatility. Wool is also valued because this material allows to make different pieces of clothes and accessories – warm and comfortable.
    •        Water absorption. Wool can absorb moisture, remaining dry to the touch – this feature gives comfort in cold weather.
    •        Greatheat-protectivefeature. It’s hard to find materials that would warm as much as wool.
    •        Dirtresistance. Woolen poncho with a pattern doesn’t get dirty, as this material doesn’t absorb dirt or dust.


    What to wear it with?

    Knitted poncho combines well with shirt skirt in combination with woven jumper and thick opaque tights. It’s better to complete this look with high heels to make it feminine. Poncho of any size will look good with skinny jeans or trousers and ankle boots on medium stable heel.

    Leather tights with wide suede boots perfectly mix with poncho – it’s a variation for those who wants to buy poncho coat. Thislookwillbecompletedwithacottonshirt. If you’ve chosen poncho dress, you can wear it with thick dark tights in winter, spring and autumn – such everyday looks look pretty elegant.

    In the internet shop you can order plus size poncho in your individual size. You can also choose color and pattern, and we will try to fulfill all your wishes. Deer poncho – the most popular model, that will suit both kids and adults – is already in our catalogue and you can order it today.

  • Dresses