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Women knitted woolen clothing

  • Sweaters and jackets

    Knitted woolen sweater

    Knitted woolen sweater with patterns or of a solid color is a favorite piece of clothes for cold weather, as it provides warmth, comfort and softness. But it’s important to choose a model that will be comfortable for you to wear, so it should be picked out carefully.

    The advantages of woolen fabrics.

    Woolen sweaters are produced in huge amounts, so their range of choice is really vast: you can pick out models that will accentuate your individuality and highlight positive features of your body. You can buy women’s sweater of different cuts and sizes with unusual knitted patterns and interesting colorations.

    Woolen cardigans are versatile, they can easily work with very different pieces of clothes: even formal slashed pencil skirt will look nice with soft woolen jacket. Woolen fabrics are very warm, so they can be counted upon even in severe cold. These clothes are ideal both for city life and ski resorts, and when mixing them with the correct pieces you can create an original and elegant look.

    What to mix sweaters with?

    • Baggy cardigans are better to wear with skinny jeans or mini-skirt – it will highlight graceful figure. Also plus size woolen jacket is mixed well with bell-bottomed dress trousers.
    • Zip-through sweater can be incorporated into a formal look, but it should be of a solid color. Formal skirts can be mixed with women’s slip-over jumper: this look can be dashed with belt.
    • Jeans of any model are a universal addition to sweaters, but you have to correctly mix these pieces of clothes. Wearing baggy jeans, choose slim fit jackets or jacket with clasps and other buttons. Stylish deer sweater can also become a zest of your everyday look with jeans.


    Our internet shop presents Estonian sweaters with original patterns from soft and comfortable wool. You can order plus size women’s jumper, custom-made in your personal size, in the internet shop . Buying custom-made women’s cardigan means taking direct participation in its creation, and we will be happy to help you in that.

  • Hats

    Women knitted woolen hats

  • Scarves and shawls

    Women knitted scarves

  • Socks, knee socks, leg...

    Women knitted woolen socks

  • Gloves and mittens

    Women woolen knitted gloves and mittens

  • Ponchos

    Knitted woolen ponchos